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Yoga is a great way to become stress-free, flexible, mind-relaxation, toned and to burn the fat in the body. Stress-free body, mind and spirit are the main sources to become healthier. Basically, some yoga poses are harder to do than others. In that case, one has to follow professional dynamic program only when you are ready to do. Currently, Yoga Burn DVD by Zoe Bray Cotton is best selling DVD’s in the United States. People, who are searching for Yoga Burn Program Review, can take a glance at this page.

In this fast-moving technology world, maximum numbers of people are not having time to go to Yoga centres or clubs to maintain their body fitness. We have come up the information exactly for you people and furnished the details about Yoga Burn Free by Zoe Bray Cotton. Apart from the review, we can say that the Yoga Burn Zoe Bray Cotton is something that everyone can try atleast once to know the results by themselves.

Getting perfect shape and losing fat is the desire of most of the women. Although yoga is safest and best to burn fat but performing yoga is not for the newcomers. This Yoga Burn Program is designed uniquely for the women to help them to get a toned body and lose weight without including harsh exercises. People feel relaxed while participating in the clam and stress-free yoga. Check Yoga Burn DVD Review from this page.

Yoga Burn Features

Sometimes it is also harder for the yoga instructor to look at each and every individual. Due to this many of them make mistakes. In order to avoid this, the Zoe Bray Cotton has come up with the new fitness and weight loss program for the women who struggle to lose weight. The main aim of this Yoga Burn Program is to help the women from doing mistakes in yoga and make them learn by themselves more effectively. This program is also available in Yoga Burn DVD forms to let the ladies know each pose of yoga.

Who is Zoe Bray Cotton?

She is a certified yoga instructor, female body transformation expert and also personal trainer. Zoe Bray Cotton has experience in teaching yoga for relaxation purposes and helps the ladies to maintain perfect shape. With her deep knowledge of yoga and also experience in learning yoga has let her to start the revolutionary Yoga Burn Program.
In this program, Zoe Bray cotton combines her knowledge to provide a stress-free and toned body for the women. She has kept all her efforts and this program a more user-friendly. The main of her is to help the ladies in reducing weight and also to avoid common mistakes while performing yoga.

About Yoga Burn Program

The Yoga Burn program is a revolutionary program created by the Zoe Bray Cotton. People can get Yoga Burn DVD in order to avail these benefits. This is a 12-week fitness program which is based on the method of dynamic sequencing. The Yoga Burn program is divided into three phases namely:

  • Foundational flow
  • Transitional flow and
  • Mystery flow

Each of these three phases will be done for four weeks and each week having 3 workout days and tranquillity flow on Sunday. The Yoga Burn DVD consists of 12 workouts video, 3 workouts video of each phase and 3 free introductions video. In order to develop strength, flexibility and healthy weight loss, this program was promoted. Apart from this, it also helps to increase confidence and also to get a perfect shape.

  • First Phase - Foundational Flow

    It is the basic phase of the program where a newcomer can able to know the foundation of yoga and basic yoga poses. In this foundational phase, it is easy to perform the workouts. Most importantly, these yoga positions are designed so effectively, safely and in a comfortable way. The main aim of this foundational phase is to make a link of body and mind and increase the flexibility among new yoga learners.

    Through this teaching poses, one can improve metabolism in the body. The breathing techniques in this phase are more useful in other two phases. No yoga experience is required in this phase and it is a slow paced phase which will develop positive results at the end. It will be more beneficial and comfortable in other two phases.

  • Transitional Flow

    In this transitional flow, people can aware of combining the moves which are learnt in the first phase. This phase mainly focuses on the upper body, lower body and core. For this phase, it consists of three videos which continue for four weeks. These videos are available in Yoga Burn DVD.

    The transitional flow phase helps to reduce stress and boosting of mind. The main aim of this phase is to teach the process of managing transitions. The yoga positions done in this phase are one pose to other and also forming the sequence.

  • Transitional Flow

    This phase continues for four weeks and it consists of three videos. It is the combination of things learnt in foundational and transitional flow phases. In this phase, the repetition of each pose will be dome to make muscle tired in every less time.

    The mystery flow phase provides complete transformation of the body and helps to boost up our metabolism. Those who have done the yoga positions correctly can observe the positive results.

Benefits of Yoga Burn Program | Yoga Burn DVD Review

  • It will produce relaxation, lower the stress levels, unlike other programs.
  • With this program, the routine will change as per your abilities which led to developing dynamic sequencing.
  • Helps in reducing obesity.
  • Also helps in boosting our respiration, energy and immune system.
  • It also increases mental concentration and relaxes the whole body.
  • Helps to maintain positive atmosphere every time.
  • Helps in reducing the chances of cardiovascular disease, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), diabetes and bone-related disease.
What is Yoga Burn Arrangement?

There are three workouts in each of the three phases. Each phase lasts for 4 weeks and each workout is 15 minutes long. You have to complete all the three workouts once in every week along with tranquillity flow which is on Sunday.

Workout 1

Monday (Day 1)

Walk outside

Tuesday (Day 2)

Workout 2

Wednesday (Day 3)

Do nothing!

Thursday (Day 4)

Workout 3

Friday (Day 5)

Walk outside

Saturday (Day 6)

Tranquility Flow

Sunday (Day 7)

Pros and Cons of Yoga Burn Reviews

Pros of Yoga Burn Reviews

• We can say, this Yoga Burn Program is user-friendly which means the instructions designed are easily understandable for the beginners.
• The Yoga Burn program is designed in such a way that the unfit women can also perform the yoga positions in most comfortable and easy way.
• It consists of two bonuses which maximize the effectiveness.
• One can follow this program individually without others help.
• It also helps in saving money and time instead of going to yoga clubs and paying a huge amount.

Cons of Yoga Burn Reviews

• The most disadvantage of this program is that it can download from its official yoga burn website only. It is not available to buy the Yoga Burn DVD on the market.
• Those who are fond of doing strengthful exercises and hard workouts this program is not advisable.
• You have to follow the instructions of the program carefully to get positive results if not you will never get desired results as you expected.

Yoga Burn DVD Price and Where to Buy

10% off

The price of Yoga Burn DVD1 is $37 + Shipping and Handling

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The price of Yoga Burn DVD2 is $57 + Shipping and Handling

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Is it comes with 100% Money-back guarantee?

    In the official website, it is mentioned that the customer who is not satisfied with the program or results within 60 days they pay the amount back to them.
  • Is this program requiring any use of supplements and equipment?

    This is 100% equipment free program and it also reduces the chances of injury.
  • Is this program is convenient for pregnant ladies?

    This program is suitable for pregnant ladies because it is most comforting weight loss program and most relaxing. Through this program, women can regain their perfect shape after the birth of a baby. Even the unfit women also feel comfortable and can do yoga poses in an easy way.


Through this Yoga Burn Program, women can find the new way to reduce their weight and to get the perfect shape without any stress and harder exercise. It will be more relaxing while doing yoga poses and gets a positive desire. People can try this program as it is the revolutionary way to boost our energy and makes a stress-free life.